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My name is Kacie, I am a wife to my amazing hard working husband and a mother to my two beautiful daughters where we reside in Orange County Ca. I love God, My family, friends, our dog barley, cooking, shopping and spending my days with my little Divas. Hope you enjoy reading the in's and out's of our daily life.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Blog

Back when we were living in the Netherlands, I had decided to start a blog http://johnandkacie.blogspot.com in which I was giving readers a glimpse to what it was like living in a different country. Now we are back home I have decided to create another blog where I can post all my feeling, pictures, daily activities and so on. I titled my new blog, "A Blessed Life" because I feel truly blessed to the life God has given me. I have an amazing, hardworking, loving husband who I appreciate so much and two beautiful healthy daughters. Cant ask for anything greater then these 3 special gifts, Id say I have a pretty blessed life. Stay tuned

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