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My name is Kacie, I am a wife to my amazing hard working husband and a mother to my two beautiful daughters where we reside in Orange County Ca. I love God, My family, friends, our dog barley, cooking, shopping and spending my days with my little Divas. Hope you enjoy reading the in's and out's of our daily life.
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Friday, April 13, 2012

A letter to Haylie

My Dear Haylie,

Ive been wanting to sit down and write you a letter for a while, and now Ive created my new blog, now it is the perfect time than ever. Oh sweet sweet girl where do I begin, the moment your Daddy and I laid eyes on you, we loved you more then you can ever imagine. Your first breath definetly took ours away. I wish I could say you got a lot of my features but Id be lying. You are the spitting imagine of your Daddy with those big chubby cheeks and contagious smile that melts our hearts everytime. You are growing up so fast that sometimes I wish time would stand still for a moment, It seems that you were just growing in my belly and now we are weeks away from your Second birthday. How did this happen and where did that time go? A lot of the time when you aren't looking we love to just sit and watch you play and it amazes us how smart you are... especially when it comes to out smarting the baby locks. Your testing abilities are at its highest but at the most trying times we need to step aside and think it wont be like this for long, one day we will miss this. You already have the biggest, loving heart for everyone you know but especially for your little sister. Gracie watches every move you make and as we know she will be right there with you in a couple months, we hope that you wrap her under your wing to love and teach her then, just like you do now. I hope you two grow up to have the kind of relationship my sister and I had, that relationship is indescribable and you will see one day that when the whole world fails, you will have each other to pick one another up. She will be your one true friend for life, just remember that. I can't wait to watch you bloom into a bright beautiful young girl and watch you spread your wings and fly but right now all i want to do it hold on to this moment. I continue to look forward to the good night kisses and you crawling into our bed at 1 in the morning, reading books to you over and over and over again, you mimicking me as I sing to you your favorite songs, helping me empty the dishwasher even when sometimes your help takes twice as long, you calling for "ba-ee" (Barley) to come eat out of your hands when you should be the one eating, wanting to hold gracie or shove her Paci in her mouth as she is screaming...There are so many things I look forward to, but the most important thing is watching you grow into a bright, beautiful young girl and watching you become you in your own unique kind of ways. I love you so much and I hope you never forget this!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Blog

Back when we were living in the Netherlands, I had decided to start a blog http://johnandkacie.blogspot.com in which I was giving readers a glimpse to what it was like living in a different country. Now we are back home I have decided to create another blog where I can post all my feeling, pictures, daily activities and so on. I titled my new blog, "A Blessed Life" because I feel truly blessed to the life God has given me. I have an amazing, hardworking, loving husband who I appreciate so much and two beautiful healthy daughters. Cant ask for anything greater then these 3 special gifts, Id say I have a pretty blessed life. Stay tuned